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Here is an article sharing the best gear list for doing a BikingMan race but also for a bikepacking trip lasting up to 5 days.

I’m going to introduce you to the mandatory gear list that we require of every athlete who participates in a BikingMan. I will briefly explain why we have established this list Are you ready? Here we go I will list each item and explain why its use for each athlete is important. This list can be used as an example for a bikepacking trip you are planning as it is a list that I feel is the minimum for safe, long distance pedaling. Each athlete carries a GPS tracker that the bikingman organization provides.

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For a personal trip, you can also buy a set of AAA batteries, ideally Lithium because the autonomy is better than Nickel batteries. A minimalist repair kit with patches, multi-tools, tire levers and an inner tube if you pedal in tubeless, or not, that allows to repair a puncture with a classic tube. Basic safety equipment helmet, glasses with UV protection to protect the eyes especially in countries like Peru where the sun is very aggressive. Front and rear lights. A headlight is mandatory to ensure that you can ride at night with a constant light. I like to use a headlamp for this rather than a headlight because I find the option more comfortable, especially to know exactly where I ride. You can also use a traditional headlamp with a permanent light. 2 cans to carry 1,5 liter of water that allows to pedal a minimum of 3/4 hours without worries. A battery to charge a phone with its cables and a bike computer with a powerful power bank. You can also use a dynamo system if you have one. I am not a big fan because I like the reliability of power banks and their efficiency but it is a personal opinion. For clothing, in addition to your regular cycling clothes we ask that you carry a high visibility vest and a rain jacket.

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I have an equipment which makes the 2 protection rain + high visibility Legs, sleeves for the cold, in particular in Peru and Corsica Gloves to resist to the rain and the cold. A survival blanket is the major detail asked to each athlete it’s super practical, it’s not expensive and it can be a great help when you are in the wild in a dangerous situation of bad weather Passport in case of police control or if you need to present your identity. A copy on the phone is handy if you lose your passport. Some events such as Peru and Corsica have cold temperatures, so it is advisable to bring a down jacket. A bivy sack and sleeping bag may be necessary for sleeping outdoors. This is the minimum kit needed for a bikingman. You can customize this configuration for a multi-day bikepacking trip. I’m going to present everything packed in the bag on the bike behind me and here we go! Everything is in. Thank you for watching this tuto which presented the mandatory list of equipment for a bikingman race which are ultra bikepacking events.

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You can find this list below of each sporting event (for the ultrabikepacking). We check this list at each check-in phase of bikingman events I hope you enjoyed this video, whether you are on your bikingman planning or a bikepacking trip! Thank you and feel free to share your comments in the section below. See you on the road!

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